Love Letter To Single Sisters

Dear Single Sisters, Lately, I’ve run into a lot of fabulous, beautiful single women who can’t find someone brave enough to show up for them. I am one of those women, just like you. We are beautiful, growing in our solitude, and looking for someone fearless and strong enough to rock our world. Life gets […]

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My latest piece at Altmuslimah. A deep magenta shalwar chemise lay draped on the bed. I had not worn such things in years, but today, while visiting a Washington, D.C. suburb, a Pakistani aunty told me to come over to her house and pick one out. I selected the one with the richest hue possible […]

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Baraka Filled Poetry: Unicorn Press

I am deeply honored to share the story of Unicorn Press, a small independent poetry press that is a legend in America’s literary culture. _____________________ Coffee Shop, Greensboro, North Carolina: He always arrived by bike, and he sat in one particular seat that I came to know as “that guy’s spot.” He carried peculiar tools […]

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I’m participating in a 24 hour reading event at Scuppernong Books, WORDSOMNIA, April 3-4, 2015. My time slot is 9 am, April 4th, where I’ll read original work. If you are in the area, drop by for morning coffee and a little bit of Deonna in your cup.


A Woman Of Size

Recently, I heard a phrase that I adore: Woman of Size. I love that idea. It goes beyond the politics of the”fat” label, which still stings no matter how feminists positively co-opt the word. How lovely it is to say: “I am a woman of size. I contain multitudes. I encompass girths of greatness.” I […]

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